April 23, 2012

Zach Has Always Been Good at "Winging It"

Dear Family,
Things here are going pretty well! Elder Matthews and I have another baptism coming up on the 26th of May. His name is James, hes a Vietnam vet, and seems pretty solid. He wants to stop smoking, which we have a program for. He's just waiting until the 1st of May to get some money from his Ex wife so he can buy a car to drive himself to church, and get the supplies he needs for the stop smoking workshop. I have faith in him, but you never really know until they've been dunked in the water. 

We had a pretty good week, we got a few new investigators, and we did exchanges. Elder Bench was my companion from thursday until friday. Kind of slow I hate to say, but his heart is in the right place. Have I told you about brother Brodie? He's our next door neighbor, and he rides around in an electric wheelchair. He's a member but he can hardly make it to church because he has no legs, hence, the wheelchair. And he suffers from all sorts of pains and sicknesses. He gives us a hard time, so its like home away from home.

I enjoyed the packages! Especially the ones with smores.... mmmm.... smores.... So send as much as you want! As well as more goldfish. You can never have too much goldfish. Glad to hear Emerson and Payton are doing well, I miss those little turds. Oh yeah, Elder Matthews and I gave talk yesterday on the atonement and ressurection. Since the Branch is so small, there is no stake or branch business, we both had to talk for like 25 minutes. But Missionaries are pretty good at winging discussions, so talks weren't much harder.
Keep me updated on how things are back home!
Elder Mossman

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