December 27, 2009

Photographer Photos are In!!!

Can't believe it was a month ago today that Katherine and James were married!  It was such a beautiful day and these pictures show it.  I should have gone on a diet before though.  Photos are so unforgiving!  Oh well...Katherine looks beautiful!

December 26, 2009

Some Christmas Pics...

I obviously need to learn how to use my camera better...

December 23, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Just a few Christmas treats Katherine and I whipped up today.  Should have taken a picture of my kitchen.  I swear, Katherine is the messiest cook I've ever seen.  I spent more time following her around cleaning up behind her than actually cooking--well almost.  She is becoming a pretty good baker I must say though.  Those are some good cookies and the chocolate revel bars...well she couldn't even wait for them to cool.  Always got her finger in the pie!  By the time we were done my feet were killing me and she was telling me we needed to make more tomorrow! that is a handsome cookie!
Chocolate Mint Cream

Eggnog Frosted Nutmeg Sugar Cookies
Chocolate Mint Cream Cookies

Chocolate Revel Bars

Guess who's been here?

Birthday Highlights -- December 22, 2009

Another birthday came and went. I've pretty much decided I've had enough birthdays. Can someone just make them stop? Thanks to my brother Mike, the entire Facebook world knows how old I am!

Grandma with her little sweeties!

Emerson knows all the words to Happy Birthday!

I think Grandma needs some help with that candle.
In case you were wondering, that's a big question mark on my cake!

Nice job Bubba!



My new 22" monitor/TV for the kitchen!  Swwwwwweeet!

Christmas Music All Day All the Time Through Christmas

Our local classical music station KMFA is the best. All day today and through Christmas Day they play the most beautiful Christmas music. You can stream it live from your computer from anywhere. You may need to download a player to do it but its on the website and easy to do.

Here's the link:

Happy listening and Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Zach!

I cannot believe he is 17! (Sorry Mom. You and Joyce both got it wrong! ;-) Unfortunately Emerson wasn't with us that night so he was not able to help Zach blow out his candles. He seemed to manage just fine though.

Happy Birthday Primary Style!

Its Finally Christmas Time!

Well it took a while just to get started but I'm finally done with Christmas decorating.  I got all 9 wreaths, 6 strands of garland and a Christmas tree finally up.  Jeff and Caleb did a great job on the lights outside.  We would have done more but I gave them a break and said about the rest..."maybe next year." 

The Christmas Spirit has alluded me somewhat this year.  Remind me not to do a wedding just before again. My box of Christmas music has helped bring the Spirit into our home though.  I'm grateful for such beautiful favs are the Windham Hill I'll Be Home For Christmas; The Vince Guiraldi Trio, A Charlie Brown Christmas (Christmas Time is Here--LOVE IT!); Chris Botti's Christmas Album; the Cambridge Singers; Mannheim Steamroller and of course The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Not sure how many of their Christmas albums I have but I don't think I can pick a favorite...maybe 2 but that could change.  Today it is Sing Choirs of Angels and Rejoice and Be Merry! 


A new wedding photo.  We hope to see the rest that the photographer took next week.  I love this photo.  They look so happy and are sort of glowing against the sunset and reflecting pool.  Stay tuned!

December 11, 2009

Hello Lovelands??? Echoooooooooooooooooo.........

Looks like I may need to change the name of this blog to Signs of Jenny's Family Times or one else is contributing...heavy sigh...  

December 6, 2009

Sigh...the wedding is over and now its time to move on to Christmas!

You should see my living room.  It looks like a Christmas supply house just after a hurricane blew through it.  I took a little time off after the wedding to regroup but now I've fallen behind on everything leading up to Christmas and its already the 6th ... or is it the 7th now? If I weren't such a control freak about this sort of thing, I'd let my family help me decorate.  Well I do, under my direction of course but sometimes it is just easier to do it myself you know what I mean?  Jeff however took pity on me and bought me a pre-lit tree.  He is a patient man.  What would I do without him?

November 28, 2009

"The Wedding"

Here are the first of many pictures that were taken.  The wedding went off mostly without a hitch.  Katherine was a stunning bride and James a most handsome groom.  He was even able to get around without crutches and even got throught the "first dance!"  Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more!