April 9, 2012

Elder Keddington Sprints for Candy in Easter Egg Hunt! April 9, 2012

Hello Family and friends!!

Hoppy Easter!! Sorry if its a little early. Or late. Whatever it is
anymore. I can't even tell when it is anymore. Time is flying by
faster than you can even think. But. Easter was good! We spen the
evening at a member's house and had an Easter Egg Hunt. I'm sure the
padestrian's passing by were a little too judgemental of Mormon's when
they saw 6 full grown boys sprinting across an open field to be the
first to get an egg full of candy. I'm sure you can imagine how
amusing that must have been even for the members. But we had funand
there were only few casualties.

The work is still moving forward quite well. We're finding people like
crazy. And quickly finding that they turn to the internet and read a
lot of false doctrine. I really wonder what happens when people go
onto Google and type in, "Mormons" and they DON'T go to Mormon.org.
Sigh.... That darn agency. But! Life goes on.

I Love You guys and I'm excited to hear from you! I miss you all and
I'll see you very soon. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers and
thanks for all the money you send to me weekly. :) (Hint Hint.)


Elder Keddington

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