July 25, 2011

Seminary Graduate!

 I'm very proud of Zach.  He went to 4 years of seminary--3 of them at 6:00 a.m. and he never complained or dragged his feet getting out the door.  I may have had to be his back up alarm a few times but he always jumped right out of bed and out the door.  He had practically perfect attendance too.  Rarely missed a day.  Nice work Zach.  Its good practice for your mission!

Katherine and James -- Albuquerque Turkeys!

Well its been just a couple of months now and Katherine and James are full fledged New Mexicans.  On the first of April they stayed up all night packing their moving truck.  They had a lot more stuff that they'd James moved there into a small--I mean SMALL apartment the first of April while he shopped for a house. Katherine came back and stayed with us while she finished her semester at school.  She went out once on a house shopping trip.  The bid on the house they wanted was won by someone else so they kept looking via the internet and Skype. But it turned out the house they really wanted was meant to be theirs.  The day before closing, the financing did not go through for the poor guy who originally won the bid, so Katherine and James were next in line.  They were so excited.  

I drove her out on May 14 with her car crammed full of her stuff and a big dog named Buckley. I stayed for a few days to see the house and their new surroundings.  We had a great time.  

Now they are busy decorating and getting settled in. James is doing really well in his new job and Katherine is doing some odd organizing and babysitting jobs while she applies to substitute teach for the local school district and prepares to start school again.  They've already had one guest come and stay with them since they moved in and many more trips are being planned.  We're hoping to get out there sometime this fall. 

So if anyone is planning a trip from Salt Lake to Austin or visa versa, Albuquerque is the perfect midway stopping point.  They've got a spare bed and plenty of room but beware of Piglet.  She loves to get in your face.

July 24, 2011

Zach's Graduation!!!

 I know I'm way behind in my blogging so here's my first attempt to catch up.

To some of you this is old news but on May 28, 2011 Zach graduated from high school.  His plans now are to work work work to earn money for his mission and to get his papers in and leave on his mission after the holidays, sometime in January 2012.  Hard to believe my youngest is this old.  Where did the time go?