November 28, 2009

"The Wedding"

Here are the first of many pictures that were taken.  The wedding went off mostly without a hitch.  Katherine was a stunning bride and James a most handsome groom.  He was even able to get around without crutches and even got throught the "first dance!"  Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more!

November 26, 2009

Prayers for the groom please!

Okay, we have a new rule in this more Turkey Bowl!  I've seen too many of the men in this family come home from this annual fall sporting event injured.  Seems harmless enough until the first time my husband comes home with a bloody eye from someone putting their finger in it, then Andrew messed up his ankle pretty bad once and today--the worst of all our groom the day before his wedding rolls his ankle on a sprinkler head or something.  All my kids came home way too early looking seriously like cats who had just swallowed the canary and acting very strangly.  I didn't think too much of Jared raiding my cupboard for a lot of Advil and I was about to just blow it off until I saw someone handing Andrew's old crutches down over the bannister down to Zach.  Okay, that was it.  Then they had to tell me.  Poor James.  He was at home in serious pain while they all came home for medical supplies hoping I wouldn't notice.  His ankle is pretty swollen and painful.  Jeff and Andrew gave him a priesthood blessing and sent him home this evening.  He's being a good sport about it all and is trying to look on the bright least he doesn't have to make any excuses for not busting a move on the floor tomorrow night!  Pray he feels better soon....and I mean really soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, I'm so full and EXHAUSTED!! Many thanks to all who contributed. I couldn't have done pulled this off without everyone's help. Juliet busted her butt making pumpkins pies, yams and fruit salad. Jared made an apple I'm not kidding! It was really good. And James, even with a twisted ankle made a double batch of the best green bean casserole I've ever had...I'm serious! Mom coached me in the kitchen with the rolls and I made the best rolls I've ever made. Thanks for the magic Mom. Dad whipped up some beautiful mashed potatoes and slaved over a hot stove keeping the gravy from forming that nasty skin that he hates so much. I did the turkey (brining has never failed me yet), dressing--yes I stuffed, gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin cake rolls. The whole thing was a beautiful sight. Hopefully I'll be able to extract the pictures from Mom's camer since every other camera in this house had a dead battery!!!

After dinner we went around both tables (yes it took 2) and everyone was able to share some of the things they are thankful for. It was a very nice moment. Kind of like a testimony meeting really. I am so thankful for my family--(even those far away who won't comment or contribute to our blog) my children who live so close to me, my 2 darling grandchildren--no wait--Madison makes 3, (I can't believe I have a grandchild that is 12), my parents and all their love and support, my wonderful husband who is so good to me and puts up with me. I have so many blessings in my life and I am so grateful for each and ever one. To all my family who were not here we missed you and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Table # 1

Table # 2


Yep...Zach's got the Loveland Frown down...sheesh

What do you know? He can smile!

One...two...three...everyone take a bite!

Wedding Rehearsal

Did a quick run through with the ring bearer, flower girl and the reluctant bride.  I ended up standing in for her.  Its a little dark...sure hope the wedding photos turn out better since the ceremony will be at about the same time....augghhhhhhhhh!  I think Allie and Harrison (Katherine is their nanny) I think are going to steal the show...although the bride is very beautiful!

November 22, 2009

Wedding Favors--only 5 more days!

We had quite an operation going tonight at the dining room table putting together wedding favors.  They look really cute!  We had all kinds of help, Katherine and James--they oughtta be right? and Jared, Juliet, Madison, Jeff and me...where was Zach?  He took the pictures. 

Turned out pretty cute eh?