November 30, 2010

A fun way to start the Christmas season.

I wish someone would do this at our mall!

This is what's so great about America!!!

Have fun Christmas shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well its hard to believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already. It was great having Mom and Dad here again for the big Turkey day.

November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day Dad

Just want to thank all the men and women who serve this country, some putting themselves in harms way every day.  I am grateful for their courage and patriotism.

I also want to wish Dad a Happy Veteran's Day.  I loved going on base with him as a kid and watching all those other guys saluting him!  I was so proud.  I still am.  I know his service to our country, his sense of patriotism and love for our country have much to do with the man he is today--the man we all love, honor and respect.

Thanks for your service Dad!


November 8, 2010

For Grandma

The last time Grandma was visiting she laughed and laughed about all of us standing around looking at these small square devices.  Mom you should enjoy this:

November 7, 2010

Miscellaneous pictures and video

I have been very lax lately posting fun pictures and stuff so I'm going to lump a whole bunch here together for your enjoyment.

Payton, Jared & Emerson

Miss Payton

Emerson at the duck park

Bubba's first jet ski ride

Zach and Emerson in their matching swimming trunks
Iron Man "fishing" at the Fall Festival

Miss Payton the Lady Bug

Out with Grandma on a beautiful fall morning and stopping for a Round Rock donut. Mmmmm!

Happy Birthday Aleta! The big 5 0 !!!

Lots of birthday wishes going out to Aleta on her 50th birthday.  She spent the day with JoAnn in Huntsville yesterday--sort of a "spa" doing hair and make up and then a photo session--you know...girls stuff.  Here are some of the photos JoAnn took.  Like I've already said, 50 looks beautiful on you Aleta!

Nice work Jo!
Oh yes and heres' a little birthday wish that Mom will especially enjoy.  Thanks for finding this Katherine!

October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Alas Halloween falls on Sunday this year.  I hope you all have had your local Halloween fun on Saturday so you won't miss the fun.  We'll be answering the door with treats here tonight--don't want our house egged.  Here's a fun and scary Halloween card for you all!

Click here:  Happy Halloween!

October 10, 2010

Danielle's Debut with the West Jordan Symphony Orchestra

Don't have a whole lot of details but it sounds like the concert was quite the success.  Chris even said it was pretty good. Get ready for the Christmas Concert coming up.  Dani will keep us informed!

Congratulations Dani!  We're proud of you!  

Or as Chris would put it, "Nerdfest Concert!"
Dani's right in the middle next the the cello players doing nuthin'

Are these performers with Dani or just some of the "nerds" that showed up in costume?

According to his dad, Nathan spent most of the time slapping Grandpa Bruce around.

Looks like they're having a good time to me!

Proud Grandma & Grandpa

October 4, 2010

Miss Payton's Birthday Bash!

Well the big ta-doo was last Saturday and it was quite the event.  Miss Payton was all dressed up in her new Birthday Party dress and was quite the sensation!  The theme for the party was Alice in Wonderland complete with a Cheshire Cat cake, cupcakes displaying the message "Eat Me" on top and plenty of little kids running around to keep Payton amused for the duration.

Although our guest of honor was fresh from her morning nap we had to consider that she is still only a year old and would soon start showing signs of sensory overload so after mingling with her many guests, we went straight to the birthday cake and the Happy Birthday Song. 

Emerson was quick to take care of blowing out the candle for her without batting an eye so the candle was re-lit for Payton to give it her best shot.  

Unfortunately, she surprised us all by quickly reaching for the candle and putting the flame out with her 2 little pincers! Ouch!  Nobody saw that coming but she was soon busily opening her many gifts.

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!

Soon after completing the task and having a snack and some delicious cake, it was clear the Birthday Girl was ready for another nap!  Though a relatively short party, we all had a great time celebrating this little sweetheart who came into our lives just a year ago and stole all our hearts away!  Happy Birthday Payton!

September 26, 2010

Grandma's New iPhone

Any of you who are "friends" with me on Facebook know of the saga of  procuring my iPhone. When it finally did come we had a lot of fun with it.

Everyone loves to take pictures of themselves and their friends with their digital cameras and smart phones which require you to turn the device around and hope you've got yourself focused and centered in the view finder before snapping. With the iPhone there is a feature that allows you flip the view so that you can look into the display and see yourself in the view finder and take a decent picture or video.  That should explain the interest everyone had in it and why everyone--especially Payton, Emerson and Katherine look so enchanted by their own images.  Pretty darn cool!

At last it arrives.  Let the fun begin!

Even Miss Payton is diggin' it!

A couple of hams...

Showing off the new "tatoo"

Dad looks confused...

Look! He's nearly smiling!  I however look like a horse.

I wish I could count how many pictures I had exactly like this one.

This is what happens when you accidentally snap a picture while spinning the phone.

Self portrait by Emerson

As you can see, Katherine played with my phone the most.