March 5, 2012

Bubba's first T-Ball game!

February 25 was a big day for little Emerson.  He's now a very enthusiastic member of the Cardinals T-Ball team and we're all pretty much in of the best players.  His cheering section certainly rivals any other. He did however whack that ball a little too hard, taking the T with it.  The coaches' new rule is "don't hit the T." 

Not only can Emerson hit and get on base (okay so everyone does) but he fields the ball really well.  He just goes after it, although sometimes he really should just let the pitcher take it. ;-) We have no idea what the final score was (I don't think they keep track at this age) but we're pretty sure the Cardinals ruled the day.  Truthfully--they crushed the other guys. To say watching 4 year olds play T-Ball is entertaining is well, an understatement!!! Enjoy the photos.

March 5, 2012 letter from Elder Keddington

Family and Friends!
Sorry! This one will be a little bit short! But I'm getting Transfered to Memphis and I am going to be a Zone Leader. Possibly the youngest called in a long time. I'm nervous but very excited. Love you all! See you soon!!
Elder Keddington