April 16, 2012

Elder Keddington Forced to Work With "Pills."

Hello Family and Friends!
Well. I've survived another transfer. I just found out this morning that my companion Elder Emery is leaving me and I'm going to be taking over the area. Plus I won't be living with 3 other missionaries anymore. It'll be narrowed down to just me and my companion in quite the massive apartment. With my own Bathroom and Shower. So I'm kinda excited about that. :)
The ward is still a pill to work with and there are so many hoops we have to jump through in order for us to get anywhere and it can be a little bit frustrating but we're working out the kinks and we're pretty much doing everything we can to keep the Bishop happy. Which isn't easy. But the work continues on.
We've been teaching a lot of awesome people! But two weeks after we teach them they either move, become disinterested because they have to actually DO something in this church, or hear something negative about our church. Its for sure different from Little Rock. But I still like it here. :)
I hope all is going well with everyone and I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys!! Love and MIss you all! I'll see you soon!
Elder Keddington

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