August 10, 2011

From Davey to Elder Keddington

One thing I failed to mention in the Reunion Recap was that the Sunday following the reunion was Davey's mission farewell in his ward.  Most of us were able to attend.  Davey has since gone into the MTC and I just got a picture from Aleta letting me know he's made it safely to Arkansas!

So...we've gone from this.... THIS!!!
Yay!!! Good luck Davey!  And by the way everyone...Elders LIVE for letters!  I'll post his address on the blog later.

August 9, 2011

Reunion Recap

Once again the reunion has come and gone.  The highlight of our weekend was our afternoon on Pine View waterskiing/tubing and enjoying the water and sunshine and then our BBQ at JoAnn's beautiful home just up the road.  I think most of us took a turn out on Bruce's boat--some road a little harder than others depending on their will to live.  I hope all had an opportunity for at least one turn around the lake for a little jaunt.  It was such a lovely day to be on the water.  

I want to thank all who took the time to come and enjoy the day and seeing one another again.  There were several of you who were regrettably not able to make it.  You were missed!  I've posted a few pic below--some are better than others.  We need to do better in that area next time around.  

This is a good looking group!

Kiley and Emily struck a great friendship and had a good time playing in the water and on the tube.


And then there's Boston...the future All American....

Awwww....little Boston
Grandpa Jeff was missing his own grandchildren and so was happy to fill in for Bostons' Papa! 

Fun in the sun!!!

Here are some REALLY good photos:  (thanks Matt!)


The next morning about 14 of us participated in a service project at the church cheese processing facility.  We would have had more had it not been the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie.  We were able to pry Davey and Sara from their little beds in order to attend even though we know they'd been up all night.  And we were happy and grateful they were there! We split up into 2 groups and spent the next 3 hours or so packaging orange drink and cutting and sealing big blocks of cheese.  We were all rewarded with a small packet of cheese to take home with us.  I think we all had a good time and really enjoyed sporting those attractive hairnets.  ;-)

Loving that Hair net Dani!

a Motley Crew

Thrilled to be here!
These girls are ready for business

Do you think she wants some cheese?

Better watch him, he's having way too much fun with that cheese.

Inspector 12

Brother Packer

Do you really think you can put that back together?

When in doubt, think show tunes and then sing your guts out.

Does it smell bad?

Finished! Everyone say...CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!! I know...terrible picture!

We also enjoyed meeting at the Olive Garden for dinner the following night.  It was a very large gathering but the Olive Garden staff handled it extremely well I thought.  

(Just a side note:  these are terrible photos.  It was too dark in there so there are a lot of alien eyes out there.  Sorry :-D)

Unfortunately the Lagoon trip turned out to be a bust.  We had a sick kid and I know others had other conflicts.  Jessica and Gary were the first to arrive at Lagoon but soon left due to the lack of the poor turnout.  Karen and James and their kids did make it later and I hope they had a good time with their little ones. (Jessica/Karen did you get any photos?)

Thanks again to all who came--especially Karen and Jessica who came a great distance and at great expense to be with us.  Jessica we loved meeting Gary and he gets a big thumbs up from everyone!  Karen it was great to see you and James and your little family--some of us for the first time! 

I hope you will all watch for news of the next reunion--most likely in 2013.  Until then, I hope you all stay well and happy. 

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P.S.  If you have any suggestions for locations and/or events for the next reunion, please post them in comments!!!