April 9, 2012

Elder Mossman Catches a "delicious bass!" April 9, 2012

Dear Family,
I've had an awesome time here in Louisianna so far. My companion, Elder Matthews is an awesome trainer and we get along great. We have a lot of less actives we visit, and some investigators who seem ready to recieve the gospel. There certainly are a lot of people who are stuck in their ways but thats why we are here to help them out. My first visit i had, we met a less active who was going to another church, and her pastour or however you spell it, came in and started telling us about how he was converted to Jesus Christ, and to me it sounded like one big acid trip. Apparently his skin peeled off, like it was his old self and saw his skin in the bathtub. Weirdo. We get fed really well here, and im pretty sure mom would freak if she saw some of the stuff I've been eating. We just finished fishing this morning, and we caught a few bass, not very big though. Some of our neighbors are members and they feed us really well. And every one here is just as sarcastic as our family so i fit right in. We have a babtism coming up this saturday so im pretty excited! Anyway i gotta go write some other emails. I'll write again next week.

Elder Mossman

Here's my address to mail me:
123 brinson street
PO Box 668
Hodge, Louisianna 71247

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