December 27, 2011

Andrew & Megan's Wedding

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mossman! The wedding was beautiful and the couple very happy! It was a beautiful day in Oakland--often covered in fog and haze but the sun was shining and the sky was beautiful blue. Jeff, Zach and I spent a couple of days in San Francisco prior to the big event. Andrew and Grandpa joined us the day before.  After the temple ceremony, we traveled to Turlock for a beautiful reception.  Megan's mom and brothers worked their tails off and transformed the cultural hall of the local chapel into a lovely setting including twinkle lights and a dance floow.  We met so many of Megan's friends and family who came to meet Andrew and wish them both well. Having lived there all her life there were A LOT of people there who expressed what a wonderful young woman Megan is and how much they love her.  I think Andrew has chosen very well. After a REALLY short honeymoon, they joined us in Texas to celebrate Christmas with us.  They'll be going back to Rexburg, ID to finish school.  We are so happy for Andrew and couldn't be happier that he and Megan found each other!  We love you both!

These are photos taken with just my iphone.  Hoping to get the professional ones in a few days.  Stay tuned!

Thanksgiving 2011

Well we lucked out again and got to have the Grandparents here again for Thanksgiving.  We also had Juliet's parents, Linda and Steve, and her sister McKenna for dinner.  We had a great time, expressed all that we were thankful for and ate...A LOT!

Miss Payton. Blurry but those blue eyes are unmistakable!

Lunch after shopping with the Super G's and Nani at Central Market


Pumpkin cake rolls. I'm never making this many again!

Ninja Breakfast


Behold the Ninjas!

Post Thanksgiving 7-11 run with Paca & Nani

And the one decent photo I have with the Blubs :-)

Catch up time!

Okay folks, its been a busy few weeks! I'm going to try to catch up here by posting a few new photos of Dani's wedding.  Love them! Hope to get more soon.  Watch for new posts of Thanksgiving, Andrew & Megan's wedding in CA and of course Christmas.  I hope you are all enjoying your holidays!