April 7, 2012

Elder Mossman goes to the MTC

Well it's been nearly a month now since March 14 when we dropped Zach off at the MTC but I wanted to make sure I made note of it here. It was quite an experience. Different from the last 2 times with Jared & Andrew. The drop off process has become a well oiled machine. As you get close to the MTC you'll see traffic is being directed by men in suits and reflective safety vests. They direct you into the lane in front of the building. As you drive along the curb you'll see numerous young men wearing "HOST" badges all along the side walk. As you park at the curb behind the car in front of you and get our of the car, one of the "hosts" is there to greet your elder, make sure he's got his immunization forms and takes his bags. Before I knew it, I was hugging Zach for the last time and waving good bye. It was so fast! Now he is in the Lord's hands. What a bitter sweet moment. As Grandma Sawyer calls it, "Miserable Joy." That says it all. Stay tuned for more updates!

Pictures at the Jordan River Temple
Hey they're both smiling!
Awwww...Zach with Super Grandma & Super Grandpa

Proud Mom


Is he really going? Wait...weren't you  2 just a little while ago?

Hugs for Grandpa

Loading up

Wait...where's my phone?

Oh yea...I don't have a phone

Zach's "host." Never caught his name.

Wait for him!

A last wave...

And off he goes...

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  1. I'm already crying and I have until August! Won't be there in Utah, though so I appreciate knowing I'm not missing too much.


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