April 30, 2010


Take that you mean old nasty Mavs!  That's what you get for breaking Super G's nose.  Best part of this first series was that Jeff and I were at game 3 in San Antonio!  My pictures were taken from my phone (left the dang camera in the car!) But it was so fun and SO loud.  Jeff and I came out of there half deaf and feeling like we'd been to a WHO concert!

Next up...the Phoenix Suns.  Bring it on Steve Nash and Amare Staudemire!  Too bad Big Shot Rob still isn't around to put Nash under the table again!  ...just kidding!

These were awesome seats!  Sure beats the nose bleed section.  Not sure I'll ever be able to sit up there again after this!

April 29, 2010

Cutie Pies!

These are some random pictures I've been taking using an awesome camera on loan from a friend.  First we see Miss Payton showing us all how much she loves sweet potatoes.  Then we see Emerson giving his dad a hand with some yard work and don't miss the two shots of my first rose of the season.  And again Miss Payton, only this time we see her getting very excited about Elmo doing the Hokey Pokey and then there is Emerson loving on his little sister maybe just a little too much!  Oops...looks like the turtle pictures got in there too!

Little Lost Turtle

Now here's something you don't see every day.  I looked out the window yesterday and this is what I saw strolling down our street right out in front of our house. I couldn't get close enough to get a decent shot without him pulling his head and legs inside his shell.  I followed him to make sure he didn't get run over by a car.  Good thing we live in a culdesac. I hope he found his way home!

April 13, 2010

Super G-ma and G-pa Trip 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter Egg hunt was put off a week because of Emerson developing a case of "pink eye."  Fortunately we have connections and arranged for the Easter Bunny to make a special trip for the following week.  And as Emerson was fully recovered this last Sunday the Easter Egg hunt was on!  He was very excited about his dinosaur eggs and showed his enthusiasm for the event throughout.  Payton on the other hand was just happy to be there, as always and was happy to receive her Easter Duck to put her newly erupted teeth into when delivered by her brother.  They both seemed happy with all that the Easter Bunny delivered and Emerson even called from Dad's cell phone on his way home  to say "thank you."