September 26, 2011

Elder Keddington Sept. 26, 2011 Letter

Hello Friends and Family!!

All is well! I've been TRANSFERED!! Yes its true. I've opened a new area called Otter Creek. Its a richer area which means I'll be working very closely with members and I'll be doing a lot of tracting. Haha. But its good for me! I love it! My new companion, Elder Peay(Pay), Works so so hard! Mostly because, well, he used to be an AP. But was released because his last transfer is this transfer. And if you remember from my last email how trunky the last Elder was, Elder Peay is the exact opposite! He is more focused on missionary work now than ever. We've witnessed so many miracles this week.

Our motto has kind of been "90% of results occur within the last 10% of our efforts." I promise that this motto is true. Night after night, when I'm ready to turn in, Elder Peay says, "Lets keep going." And Night after night we find someone to teach. A new investigator and so many other things. Like last night we walked maybe 3 miles to our apartment. I wanted to drive. But I knew that walking would give us the chance to meet more people and we wouldn't arrive too early. So we walked. As we walked we met some nice people. No one really interested but nice people! But then as we approached our appointment we saw 3 people outside. We started talking to them and turns out they were related to the people we were about to go teach! We invited them in and had an amazing lesson. 2 of them committed to be baptized! If we had driven, we never would've met them.

Another example, We had maybe 10 minutes left. I wanted to start heading back to the car. We were 5-6 miles away from our apartment. Instead we decided to knock the next few houses. We met Marshal and Wilfred. They were drinking and smoking, but I wanted to contact them anyway. Turns out, Marshall is really interested and lives literally down the street from where we live! If we hadn't put for the effort of our last 10% we never would've met Marshall or set 2 baptismal dates. I'll never turn in early again.

One more story before I finish up. On Sunday we had the chance to witness a baptism for a little 8 year old girl, Kimberly. :) I didn't know her but she was so cute and reminded me of Adelle. A lot. I couldn't help but sit and think about how badly I wish I could be there for her baptism. And how much I would've loved to have been there when she makes that special promise with her Heavenly Father. But then I think about how many people I have grown to love get to enter the Waters of Baptism. Everytime I get to see a baptism I think of Adelle and how awesome she is and how excited I am for her. I can't wait until I get pictures, Kimbur. :) Haha.

I Love you all! I'll get you my new address as soon as I can but for now my address is the Mission office.

Elder David Keddington
905 Kierre Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72116

I Love You all and I'll see you soon!!

Elder Keddington

Me & Latoya, My first baptism! 

Me & my new companion Elder Peay!! (Such a stud!)

Me & Brother Phillips, A member in the Maple St. unit

September 22, 2011


Well its official folks!  Andrew is engaged to Megan Harrison of Turlock, CA  The wedding is scheduled for December 17, 2011 in the Oakland, CA temple.  We are so excited for Andrew.  Megan is perfect for him and we love her!  So glad you waited for the right one Andrew!!!

September 19, 2011 Letter

Hello Family and Friends!
1) Trunky(Trun-kee): Defined as a missionary who is sick of his mission and ready to come home, derived from "living out of his trunk." ex. "Elder Whiting, Dude you are so trunky!"
Don't worry! I am NOT trunky! I try very hard not to be. But that is a new word that I've learned out on the mish. and was able to witness this week as I "killed off" (sent home) my first missionary. So in a way I was "born"(my first area) in Maple Street. And boy was it rough being around an Elder who was Trunky. All he would talk about was girls, cars, hunting and home. He didn't care what he did and it didn't matter what he was thinking. And it begins to rub off on a missionary who is fresh and missing home. But I moved forward and he is gone. I am here and ready to work hard.
TRANSFERS!! I found out this morning I'm getting transfered!!! ...... But they told me not to pack my bags... yet. So I'm staying put for the time being. My Companion was promoted from District Leader to Zone leader and they usually pair the Zone leaders up so I will most likely be getting a new companion. Either way its a huge mess and I have no idea what is going and I just want to work and avoid all the drama. I'm shocked at how much DRAMA is involved with missionary work. Who is going where? They're going who? When is the who? Its all just a big mess! Anywho. I'll let you know as soon as I can if my address changes but you can always mail me at....
Elder Keddington
905 Kierre Drive
N. Little Rock, AR 72116
It will always find me. :)
I will start attending a REAL ward this week in a REAL church building which is a relief and I look forward to it. But it was sad to see the members of my unit(which is smaller than a branch that is still attached to the ward. They just meet at a different time in a different building..) get released and see all the hard ward go down the drain. But It'll be good to have members that are ready and waiting to be supportive! I hope you're all doing well! I am loving this work more than I thought possible and I keep you in my prayers constantly. :) I Love You all. I'll see you all very soon!
All is Well!!
Elder Keddington

My awesome district!

Me and the VERY TRUNKY Elder Whiting

My 2nd favorite tie.  Thank you Elder Bruce.

September 12, 2011

Sept. 12, 2011 Elder Keddington Letter

Hello Family and Friends!!
All is Well!! This week has been another great week in the great state of Arkansas! Betchya didn't know a person from Arkansas is called an Arkansian! Pronounced Ar-Kans-In. True Statement. Did you know! That the Tooth Brush was invented in Arkansas? Because if it was invented anywhere else it would be called the TeethBrush! HA! Some good jokes I've heard around the Mission.
I had my 2nd Baptism this past Friday and a bit of a special experience. His name Is Kalvion. He is 9 and really loving the Gospel but scared of Water. And when he got into the water for Baptism he was nervous. Very Nervous but I assured him everything would be okay. After I said the prayer and dunked him as I pulled him up I noticed his arm came out of the water out of panic and he didn't go completely under. And It hit me. I'm going to have to do it again with this terrified kid in the font. He nearly bolts it out of the font thinking he had been baptized and I explain to him that is didn't work and we needed to do it again. His eyes filled with tears and repeatedly said "No. I can't." Suddenly everyone who was watching were on their feet encouraging him. Supporting him and telling him he can do it, as I pray for help from my Heavenly Father. Even Kalvion's Mom, who isn't a member, was cheering him on wanting him to go through with it. He still was hesitant. I grabbed Kalvion's Wrist told him "I'm right here. I'm not going to let you go. Hold on Tight and I promise everything will be okay." He looks at me, Says "Okay." Grabs onto my arm with all his strength, shaking and still nervous and I baptize him. Making sure he went all the way down this time. He came out of the water and looked up at me with the Biggest Smile on his face and I could see that the terror and fear was gone. And He was happy. :) I talked to him a little later and he told me that he felt really good and he was glad he went through with it and didn't chicken out. :)
It was such a testimony to me that Satan has his power over people. Fear is one of them. And through Prayer all things are possible. Faith is the the Oppisite of Fear. Fear takes away your ability to work. And "Faith without works is Dead." But a little prayer and Satan can no longer take hold. I Love this Gospel and I love this work. I might be getting transfered here shortly as my first transfer comes to a close. I'll let you all know what happens and thanks for all your prayers. I know that without them I wouldn't be having the success I am having without them. Thank you. I Love You all and I'll see you so soon!
Elder Keddington

Kalvion's baptism

The Maple House.  The "Skreet."

Hidden Mickey with the whipped cream. :-)

September 11, 2011

Music and the Spoken Word: September 11, 2011--the 10th Anniversary

It has been a somber and reflective day for me. I hope you enjoy this program as much as I did. It was beautifully done. My favorite number was Amazing Grace. This rendition of this hymn was the most moving and inspirational that I've ever heard and together with the images of true grace demonstrated by those courageous souls on that fateful day, who put their own lives on the line for the sake of others, I was moved to tears and yet full of gratitude, pride of country and hope for the future. May we never forget.


September 7, 2011

Letter from Elder Keddington

Hello Friends and Family!!
This week has been an AMAZING week! Mostly because it was my Birthday! WAHOO! The big 22!! I had Oatmeal(one of my FAVORITES) for breakfast, Lasagna for Lunch and Dinner! I couldn't have been more happy! Plus my Zone Leaders made me a cake and got me a present! Check out the pictures! They're aweseom! I'm still getting Birthday stuff and I had so many people wish my a Happy Birthday. It was one of the best birthdays I've had. Except the whole missing the family. :( But it was still good.
The Weather here has virtually gone from blistering hot to nice and cool overnight. And Tracking in the mornings is a little chilly. But I prefer it to the heat. :) My area is wonderful like always but there is a lot going on and I'm sad to hear there is a good chance I'll be transfered on the 21st. :( But thats okay! I'll go where you want me to go Dear Lord. :)
I've been teaching a lot of lessons with my companion and I'm reminded every day how the Lord has prepared people to accept this message and Its amazing how much they know and are willing to accept.
Sorry that I'm emailing you on Wednesday rather than the usual Monday but Monday was Labor Day and the Library was closed. We spent most of Labor Day with a Member family and I ate pancakes, played pool, monopoly and built a Hotel out of Linkin' Logs with a boy named Preston. He's such a stud. :) Then went to President Peterson's house for Dinner and there they wished me a Happy Birthday and I got to play the Piano for a good 20 minutes. :) I was quite the happy boy. :) I still am. I see the Lord protect me and guide me everyday and its amazing what a little prayer and fasting will do for people in need.
I Love You all so much and thanks for all the Birthday Wishes! I Miss you all and I'll see you all very very soon!
Love Elder David Keddington

Central High School. Its in my area!!!

My Zone Leaders and the purple fleece pants they gave me.  I love them! :)

Me and my Birthday Cake!!

Preston Stack, a member of the Spanish Ward.  We made a Hotel out of Linkin' Logs! He's pretty much legit!