April 16, 2012

Elder Mossman: 1st Baptism & Confirmation!

Okay mom, favorite scripture, Moroni 10:4
This week has been pretty good, Elder Matthews and I had a babtism this past Saturday, and I did the confirmation on Sunday, and I was pretty nervous, considering that it was my first time but it went okay. We have a few progressing investigators who seem promising, but you never know until they are in the water. Even then, keeping them active is the real challenge because the branch doesn't really do their part in home teaching/visiting teaching or fellowshipping so we are trying to kick their butts in gear. We had a man that we taught on tuesday, we just read the scriptures with him and left with a prayer, and instead of saying amen, said, "i agree" which was hilarious. Some investigators have had some rough pasts, and we are trying to get them to trust in God again. Many people down here are stuck in their ways, such as smoking, drinking, law of chastity, stuff like that. The south. Elder Matthews told me a saying that im beginning to consider. He said, "The easiest way to convert people in the south is to burn it down and do babtisms for the dead," horrible i know, but funny all the same. Still waiting on the ipod, and the easter package you guys sent was delicious. Elder Matthews loved the smores. Kinda stale but still delicious. Feel free to send one every week! And be sure to send more goldfish, you can never have enough goldfish. I gotta get going. OH! That card Kroel sent was HILARIOUS! Although i cant ever let anyone else around here see it considering the truthfulness of the card.
Elder Mossman

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